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Acme Graphics has been creating film and TV Animation for over 20 years. Our resident designer and animator: Nick Hellman, who founded Acme Graphics, created all the animations for the League of Gentlemen computer sequences. We can create all┬átypes of interactive graphics and animations for Computers, tablets and smartphones, static, interactive or fully animated.  

Acme Graphics updated the prop Famous Royston Vasey road sign from League of Gentlemen into an aged action prop This sign was used in the dressing of the town in League of Gentlemen, Acme offered options - look which one they chose Acme Graphics always offer the client options on a design so they can choose their favourite The

Acme Graphics specialise in creating animations for use on prop laptops, desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones. We have created many variations as per scripts from art departments from TV & Film. This clip shows Les Mcqueen, played by Mark Gatiss from the fictitious band Creme Brulee in League of Gentlemen. He was Googling himself and Acme Graphics

Acme was asked to research and create authentic boxing posters featuring Paddy Constantine. Paddy Constantine plays the hero who is injured and the film follows the powerful story of an injured boxer in his prime and how it affects his family. We created all Graphics used within the theme, below is an example of them.

We get asked regularly for backlit film prints for windows and lightboxes. It is perfect for backlit menus like this one in Mcdonalds commercial. The commercial took us through the ages for anyone that can remember these retro menus. We also printed some 'retro' plastic bags with logo work and branding.

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