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Acme Graphics updated the prop Famous Royston Vasey road sign from League of Gentlemen into an aged action prop This sign was used in the dressing of the town in League of Gentlemen, Acme offered options - look which one they chose Acme Graphics always offer the client options on a design so they can choose their favourite The

Acme Graphics have a stock of Generic magazines for action props or dressing sets. Interior Design, Architecture, Men's Magazines, Women's Fashion, teenage and gossip magazines. This is the latest one for 'Murder in Successville' made into an action prop. Generic design with library stock images and clearable name of Production's choice.

Over the year we have been commissioned to do various Christmas Commercial graphics. Bespoke package design for a Mcdonalds Commercial, set in a toy shop based on a love story between an animated doll and a spaceman toy. We created the Doll box which featured in the shop window and the bespoke vintage feel calendar with tear-off pages