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Graphic prop clearance information

First and foremost, Acme Graphics do not offer a copyright clearance service of any kind, however we do spend an increasingly large amount of time tackling graphics clearance requests and inquiries. It’s a thorny issue and we go to great lengths to avoid infringing third-party copyrights or trademarks, never knowingly copying existing graphics or branding.

For all items in the Acme Graphics’ library of previous graphic prop work, we cannot guarantee that the contents will still pass current clearance checks. Any featured names, titles, logos, brand names and readable text which appears on the prop graphics will have been cleared for use at the time of creation, but might not pass current clearance checks.

All photographs and illustrations used are either created by us in-house or licensed from royalty-free stock photo libraries. Ultimately, cleared usage of any other fictional graphic elements: brand names, titles and logos which appear on work from our library can only be determined by your production’s legal department.

We have created a set of graphic props where we have made efforts to avoid the use of logos and any other elements which might be contentious, and can be viewed in our selection of ‘no logo’ clearable graphic props. However we still can not guarantee they are 100% clearable, we are maybe 95% confident they are safe to use, but for any hero props or items featured in close up, it is still best to run a clearance check before ordering.

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