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own brand lager and beer
Generic no brand Spirit Bottles
Unbranded beverages
Generic beer cans
Herbal Tea packaging with no logo
Sauce bottle prop packs for easy clearance
Cream prop packs no logo
Unbranded tea boxes
Fizzy drinks
Drinks bottle mock up 1240 x 700
Sandwiches prop packs for easy clearance
generic no-logo sweet packaging
Ready meals prop packs for easy clearance
Tin cans smaller
Wine labels 5
Wine labels 2
Wine labels 3
Wine labels 4
generic bread

Generic Clearable Props

We are always being asked to supply ‘cleared’ graphic props from our library, however it is not possible for us to guarantee that our designs are cleared, although they will have been at the time of creation. Therefore we have created this category of packaging props where there are no logo elements, no fake branding and little which could be contentious in terms of copyright problems.

We can say with some confidence that these items are cleared, but for hero props or packaging which may be heavily featured, it is always advisable for production to double check. These examples are an eclectic collection of easily cleared graphic props, contact us to see more specific packaging items.

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