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new prop beer can labels

Acme Graphics have designed a new set of 9 beer label props, to refresh and update our ‘off the shelf’ dressing and action prop drink options.

Easy to order and low cost alcohol props for your production.


new beer bottle prop labels

We regularly generate new designs which are intended to look convincing, but without infringing any existing brand copyrights. We add them to our library of film and television prop options, which can be ordered ‘off the shelf’ – making life easy.new prop beer label designs


Prop beer bottles and beer cans are a regular request we receive from art directors and prop buyers, and over time the label designs we have created can look outdated and less convincing for stories set in present day. Once selected, we then often purchase real products, usually zero alcohol which actors can drink in action, remove all existing labels and branding and replace with ours.

Next time you require beer products, why not select from our prop beer category.

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