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Bridgeton house staircase runners

Bridgerton is a new period drama series created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes, currently streaming on Netflix. It is based on Julia Quinn’s novels set in Regency London high society during the season, when debutantes are presented at court.

Acme Graphics were commissioned to recreate the carpet designs, rugs and runners to dress multiple locations and set floors. It is not possible to purchase or hire carpets of the quality, size and colours required for the production designer Will Hughes-Jones’ vision of colour signatures to denote the houses of the two main families featured.

We were supplied with lots of reference material and detailed art direction by Gina Cromwell the series set dresser. We worked through various iterations of the designs to achieve the look and period detail to match the sumptuous locations and sets.

The Bridgeton family signature colour is Wedgewood Blue and appears across the sets and costumes, whereas the Featherington’s colour is a light green. Both families have their own symbol, the Bridgerton symbol is a bee, while the Featherington’s is a butterfly.

All of the carpets, rugs and runners were printed by a specialist carpet printer in Belgium and shipped to the UK for dressing on set.

Wide shot of the Bridgeton's staircase

Bridgeton’s stair runners

Acme stair rug designs for Bridgerton

Bridgerton staircase runners detail

Bridgerton drawing room set

Bridgerton drawing room set rug


Bridgerton drawing room rug design

Bridgerton drawing room rug design

Featherington's set featuring Acme's carpet artwork

Featherington’s drawing room


Featherstone rug design for Bridgeton

Featherstone drawing room rug design

We can design and print all floor coverings from wooden boards, mosaics and tiles to carpets and lino to add an authentic and convincing finish to set and locations at relatively low cost.

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