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Bridgerton bedroom 1
Bridgerton bedroom 2
Bridgerton staircase 1
Bridgerton rug 1
Bridgerton rug 2
Bridgerton staircase
Bridgerton hallway
Royals rug detail
Royals rug design
Royals rug detail 2
Wes Anderson train carpet
Wes Anderson carpet
London England Rug
Royals runner rug
House of commons rug

Carpets & Rugs

With the advances in print technology it is now possible to run white ‘coated’ carpets through large format flatbed printers, enabling us to create artwork and have it printed for any carpet or rug design from history, alternatively we can design a contemporary or novelty rug with relevance to the narrative.

We have designed rugs and carpets for many period and contemporary productions. We recently designed 20 carpets, rugs and runners for Bridgerton Season 1, they were printed in sizes up to 8 meters by 4 meters and runners 15 meters long by 1.5 metes wide. You can view a selection of rugs, carpets and other floor coverings we have designed and have been printed as on-off items to dress sets and locations.

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