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Prop newspapers from 1939

I n early 2023 we created lots of period graphic props for British film production ‘One Life’. The film is a biographical drama directed by James Hawes based on the true story of Nicholas Winton and his endeavours to help many Jewish children to escape to England from Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia in 1939, and in the period before World War 2 started.

Period WW2 Graphic Props for ‘One Life’

Anthony Hopkins and Johnny Flynn star as Nicholas Winton, alongside Lena Olin, Romola Garai, Alex Sharp, Jonathan Pryce, and Helena Bonham Carter.

Fake world war two train advertisingBased on real newspapers from the time, the highly detailed props we designed were used to help drive the plot forward, giving viewers an insight into feelings toward historical figures at the time of the story. It was important that the photos, maps and copy from the publications matched how things were in the late 1930s. Acme worked with references provided by the ‘One Life’ art department to create props that were specific to the story and could be handled and read by the actors.

‘One Life’ features hundreds of documents which Acme helped to create. The challenge was to age the documents and photos for the different time periods showcased in the film. All documents were to look like they were from 1939 and the 40’s, however we had to make another copy for the scenes set in the 80’s, in which the prop needed to look like it had been sun damaged or collected dust and stains over 40 years.

Pre war prop documentsBy replacing the original photos, maps and advertising with cleared alternatives, the documents which were so crucial to the plot were then cleared for use. Acme took great care to replicate them as accurately as possible using modern equipment, we also added accurate copy instead of using lorem Ipsum, to ensure that all props could be filmed in close up with confidence.

1930s tube adverts for period dressingWe also designed advertising boards to fill an entire Underground tube train carriage, generating fake brand names, strap lines and imagery which were in the correct style and featured content which fits the period, including accurate northern line tube maps.

You can view more period posters and vintage props on our website portfolio.


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