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Graphic props and ephemera for WW2 set dressing
World War two propaganda posters
Ration Prop Design For WW2 Set Dressing
second world war Propaganda posters
World war 2 prop posters
assorted period books
Black and white photo coloured
Prop design of documents and newspapers from ww2
1940s Tube adverts
1940's Prop Advertisment Posters


Graphic design in the 1940s was dominated by World War 2 and the resulting restrictions and rationing.

The decade evolved with the war spreading from western Europe to the rest of the globe. Propaganda and the war effort influenced public information design, product design and media graphics which reflected the austerity imposed by the fighting.

The bold and strong art and design from the 1930s art deco movement still held some sway in the early part of the decade, and the influx of US troops to Europe brought with them bold, modern American design and colours.

Acme have created a set of ‘off the shelf’ 1940s graphics and World War Two dressing graphics and props, including WW2 propaganda posters, wartime product props and rationing props, designed by us which should be copyright free, or from designs which are now in the public domain.

All artwork © Copyright Acme Graphics Limited 2023