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Money block 1240 x 700

Bank Notes

We have supplied prop banknotes and novelty money to a range of productions, including decorating the walls of a room in £50 notes for a rap video, a suitcase full of banknotes for a heist movie and a 20 million pound pile of £20 note stacks to burn!

Using real money is often too much of a risk, therefore prop money and fake banknotes are the solution. We create authentic prop banknotes and stacks that not only abide by the Bank of England rules but also look authentic. We have supplied prop banknotes and fake money in other currencies including US Dollars, Euros and fantasy notes that do not resemble real currency for the ultimate in clearance.

Do I need to request permission from the Bank of England for my reproduction?
No – as long as you have met our conditions you do not need our approval.
My banknote reproduction permission has expired, how do I renew it?
You don’t need to. Our banknote reproductions policy was updated in February 2019 so formal application and approval is no longer required. We also no longer impose a time limit on our reproduction permissions.
Can I replace the image of the Queen or the character on the back of the note for someone else?
No. This is considered a novelty banknote and does not meet our conditions. There have been cases of banknotes that have been altered in this way being mistakenly accepted as genuine.