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Cock and dog paintings
Digital painting for Silo set dressing
Painted portrait R
Incidental digital painting art created for Silo set dressing
Rugby painting
Rugby painting
Rugby painting
Band paintings
Ayaode painting
Backdrop fairytale
Backdrop cowboy

Painting commissions

We have created many bespoke, hero paintings and portraits in a variety of styles and mediums, where the subject matter has been dictated by the script. We can create the artwork in oil and acrylic or digitally to emulate convincing oil painting and watercolours, then print onto textured paper or canvas for an authentic painterly effect that looks great on camera, and if needed we can apply varnish to canvas prints. Acme also offer a large and varied library of cleared painting artwork which we can print for background set dressing.

The library includes landscapes, portraits, still-life and abstract art in a range of different styles, if there is anything specific you are looking for just let us know.

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