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Outside the wire camouflage design screenshots
Outside the wire camouflage costume design
Outside the wire camo design evolution
Zlatan visa advert
Zlatan badge logo design
Pussay patrol inbetweeners screen shot
Sainsbury's jailer
Mars 2 logo
Joan collins scarf
Nasa style badges specsavers
Nasa specsavers screenshot
Football badge close up
Football badges
Uniform badges
cricket badges
Sex Education t-shirts 3
Sex Education t-shirts 2
Sex Education t-shirts 1
Zombaid tshirt from Shaun of the Dead
sports badges
Sports logo clean
Helicopter pilot badge
Superhero badges
No heroics actors
school badge 1
school badge 2
school badge 3
school badge 4

Graphics for Costume

We have recently provided costume graphics for near-future military uniform camouflage for Netflix’s 2021 “Outside the Wire” film, also space suits and helmet graphics for a science fiction movie and costume patterns for a music video. We have designed many school badges, blue collar worker and forces uniform insignia and badges. Some of our favourite jobs have to include the Pussay Patrol t-shirt for the first Inbetweeners movie, and the slogan t-shirts we designed for Benidorm’s Kenneth.

We designed the logo worn by Zlatan Ibrahimović throughout Visa’s global marketing campaign for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and for National Geographic’s TV series Mars 2 we designed the Lukrum Industries logo to go on helmets, space suits and space ships.

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