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Oscar Wilde book
Leather bound diaries for A Vet British Scandal
Leather bound period diaries with interior page detail
Leather bound period diaries with interior detail
Bridgerton Ledger
Bound leather 19th century ledgers
Book binding example
Bound ships log prop
Leather bound nativity book prop
17th Century period graphic props
Gold and leather bound hero book prop
Period book binding props
Book binding for bank advert

Bespoke Book Making

We have the capability to create professionally bound books in-house, for period and contemporary props. If you require hero prop bookbinding which is unique and bespoke, maybe leather bound with fine detail and professionally finished with gold foil lettering, then we can help.

We have made books for many productions, including 19th Century A3 size bound ledgers, a sorcerer’s book of spells and a 17th Century explorer’s notebook. We generally use materials and finishes that appear authentic and appropriate to the era when the book would have been created, to ensure they look believable for the audience.

If you require a unique book to be made and beautifully bound for your production, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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