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Approved old and new UK prop passports
Prop UK Passport
Woman's Prop US passport
Fictional prop passports
USA Prop Passport
Syrian and Swiss prop passports
Norwegian and Belgian prop passports


We specialise in making convincing prop U.K. passports both the old burgundy E.U. passport and new post brexit blue passport, and are well versed in the strict rules and regulations required by law.

Your production will need to be granted permission from the relevant authorities to feature prop passports. Once you have received permission we then need to apply for approval by sending the proposed artwork to The Crown Copyright and Her Majesty’s Passport offices for permission to make the prop passports. We have fictional options available, but they still need official approval. If you are looking for UK Passports, US Passports and travel documents for many other countries, we have the skills and experience required to make and supply hero prop passports that will stand up to extreme close up.

For more details and contact names and email addresses of the offices to apply for permission, contact us.